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Jo Ann Salyers is the owner and consultant for
Salyers Solutions, LLC.


  • In the maritime industry for over 30 years.
  • Experience in the fields of safety, training and risk management.
  • In 2006 became an independent consultant working in the areas of Crew Endurance Management / Fatigue Mitigation, wellness, auditing and safety.

CEMS (Crew Endurance Management System) and Fatigue Mitigation

  • Unites States Coast Guard Certified CEMS Expert (2004) – Groton, CT
  • Conducts CEMS Awareness classes, Coaches training, assists the Coast Guard with Expert’s training.
  • Certified CEMS Coaches for major corporations located worldwide. Current customers include operations in the following sectors: Inland, Coastal, Blue water, Harbor vessels, Ferries and Shore Tankerman.
  • Guest speaker at industry and trade association meetings around the country.
  • Presentations on CEMS at corporate meetings, company management, vessel captain and other crewmember meetings and union groups.
  • Presentations and recommendations for fatigue mitigation for shiftworkers and 24 hour operations.

Outline of ongoing CEMS & Fatigue Mitigation Training and Workshops attended:

10/06 –   Investigating Human Fatigue Factors in Transportation Accidents
NTSB Academy – Arlington, VA

03/08 –   The Role of Sleep in Memory and Learning
National Sleep Foundation – Washington, DC

06/08 –   Fatigue Countermeasures Workshop
Archinoetics – Honolulu, HI
Dr. John A. Caldwell – Senior Scientist in fatigue-management research and applications at Archinoetics (a Hawaii based high technology co.).

Dr. Steven R. Hursh – President and CEO of the Institutes for Behavior Resources and
adjunct professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

03/09 –  National Sleep Show
National Sleep Foundation – Chicago, IL

03/10 –  Sleep Health & Safety Convention
National Sleep Foundation – Washington, DC


  • Certified American Waterways Operator (AWO) Responsible Carrier Program (RCP) Auditor.
  • Internal and vendor auditor for the maritime industry.
  • Crew Endurance Management System (CEMS) plan auditor.
  • RABSQ Certified ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor


  • AWO – American Waterways Operators
  • HDWA – Huntington District Waterways Association
  • NSF – National Sleep Foundation